• Always wanted to be part of the perfect Business?
  • What if there would be no setup costs involved?
  • What if you would not have to sell anything?
  • What if it would bring you a monthly increasing income?
  • What if everybody would want your service?
  • What if you would see only happy and thankfull people?

If you answer is positive to the above asked questions, you have arrived. Welcome home!

MyOwnForexBusiness.com offers you just that. All our services are free. The only thing we ask is only if we do well to share a relative small percentage of the monthly gains with us to help us cover our costs.
Compared with many others, who have performance fees up to 70% of the monthly gains we consider our fee of 15% as very low.
Beside the fact that this percentage is very low, we decided to keep even less and even more different, to give it away!
We have decided to simply donate 2/3 of our money to organisations YOU can choose from!!

We strongly believe that if we do well, let’s share. We as Introducing Brokers (IB’s) strongly believe in the boomerang effect. What goes around, comes around. And Luke 6:38 – Give, and it shall be given unto you.

What are we doing?

We have developed a very complicated and extensive software pack that automatically trades in currency pairs. As soon as the forex market opens, our software starts working for you and generation money.

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